Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I got up this morning  with The Son and prepared The Husband a "surprise" breakfast of crunchy french toast and some sausage. (The Crunchy French Toast was DEEE-Licious! I used Challah bread and regular cornflakes and real Canadian Maple Syrup...Hi Nikki!) Unfortunately, The Husband still had to make the coffee because I suck at it and it never comes out right for me. Now, breakfast wasn't really a surprise for The Husband but The Son thought it was and he gets a big kick out of that. 

I got The Husband a couple things for Father's Day this year. Besides the new puppy that we picked up last weekend, he got this t-shirt, these collar stays that he says he's been looking for "forever" and a pack of dinosaur Hot Wheels cars from The Son. It's hilarious when The Son picks things out like that to give his Daddy and three seconds later says, "Maybe Daddy will share with me." Of course he does. 

We got my father some nice things for Father's Day too but I know that he reads this blog so I will have to wait to post what they are, I hope you like them Pop-pop! My Dad's coming over this afternoon and we're having steaks and shrimp on the grill for dinner and I'm making my first ever pecan pie for dessert. I am known to make an excellent homemade pie crust if I do say so myself  so it should turn out pretty well. I'll keep you all posted in case anyone who reads (does anyone read?) likes to bake. 

To end for now, I'll post a couple pictures of my two favorite Daddies ever with their favorite little guy! Happy Father's Day Guys! 

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Running To Stand Still said...

Awww, you guys picked out nice gifts!! Hope your dinner with your Dad was nice. It sounded fantastic!