Thursday, June 12, 2008

Boo, Hiss, I'm sick!

I feel terrible. I started getting a cold about five days ago and thought it wasn't going to manifest into much but alas, that was wrong. Today has been horrible, I'm tired, achy,sweaty, stuffy and coughy (are those dwarves?) The Son isn't feeling that great either. It sucks, I'm rarely sick and I don't deal well with it. 

I went into work this morning and then had the brilliant idea that working out would make me feel better. It didn't. 

The Son was supposed to go to karate this afternoon but we were still napping so we didn't make it. I ate breakfast and then had no appetite at all, I did just eat a bowl of oatmeal and at least that tasted good. Me having no appetite, that's how I know I'm sick. 

I've just come on the computer to see what all my favorite blog ladies are up to and I've read a lot but I just don't have the energy to comment. I will next time, I promise. If I don't start feeling better soon, I might do one (or more) of the following:

1- cough up a lung. 
2- strangle a puppy.
3- be mean to a four-year-old who doesn't deserve it. 
4- fall asleep again. 

Tomorrow is another day, I have a meeting at work that I must attend but that's at 3. I hope to feel better. Until then, feel sorry for me. 


Running Jen said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Chris said...

Might I suggest #4? It just seems like the most rational. Feel better!!

Cathy said...

hope you are feeling better today chica!

Marie said...

I DO feel sorry for you! I despise being sick in the summer. It makes it like 100x worse. Feel better soon!

Running To Stand Still said...

That does suck!!! I hope you are feeling better!!