Sunday, June 1, 2008

How is it that...

a child can go to bed perfectly unharmed and wake up in the morning looking like this?

Well, that's what happened to The Son on Saturday. He fell out of bed! There was a little chest for sweaters next to his bed and he must have hit his eye on the corner of it when he fell out. I checked on him in the middle of the night and found him sound asleep on the floor so I just scooped him up, kissed him repeatedly as I always do in the middle of the night and tucked him back into bed. I never noticed that my child was bleeding all over his sheets because it was dark. It really boggles my mind that the child never even woke up! Poor kid. 

The next morning The Husband was the one to notice it first, he cleaned it up with Bactine and The Son cried a teeny tiny bit, other than that, the kid's been SO good about it. I know it must hurt but he's been SO brave, I'm so proud of him. I just hope it doesn't leave a bad scar. 

It sucks because as a parent, you're always so careful about things with pointy edges and crazy, wild little boys playing around them. I'd never think that he'd hurt himself in his sleep in the middle of the night on a pointy edge. Obviously, I moved the chest so this never happens again. Thank Goodness it wasn't worse! 

The brave little victim of rogue bedside injuries:


Running To Stand Still said...

Awwww that is crummy. I can't believe he didn't wake up!! But he is a great sleeper.

I am loving the last picture.

Marie said...

Ouch! How does someone sleep through that? lol