Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cards for the swim teachers.

I got the pictures uploaded today, I think they came out pretty cute. I still have a bunch of cards that I need to work on for the regular classroom teachers and I'll post them another day. Each of these card sets had four small (3.5 X 5) blank note cards and a little bag to keep them and the envelopes in. I made the bag on my Cricut machine...that thing rocks! The little card in the front of the bag is a note card from me. The Son decorated and made his own card that I also added. I think the teachers really liked them but I didn't see them open them because they didn't want to get into that right after getting out of the pool.  

Here they are:


Cathy said...

oh my!! I love them. I especially love the cute! I gotta get me one of those amazing Cricuts soon!!

Marie said...

VERY cute cards!!! And you made the bags? Holy moly.

Do you scrapbook too? I used to, but haven't picked it up since our last move. I'm VERY behind on it. It's so overwhelming at this point...I think that's why I haven't started again.

Caren said...

Yep, I scrapbook, I love to do it but it IS definitely hard to find the time. Now that I have a crafting space, it's getting easier.

Don't get overwhelmed, just pick something that you want to scrap and do it. You can arrange your pages in an album at any time, it doesn't all have to "go" together. The book I'm working on now is just stuff The Son did this last year, eventually, I'll arrange it in chronological order. I have thousands of other pictures to scrap but at least what I've done looks good, KWIM?