Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's a Kingdom for Kids...

Dutch Wonderland! I don't have a lot of time before I have to pick up The Son from camp and run a few errands so I'm just going to post a couple of the pictures from our Dutch Wonderland trip the other day. It was fun! We'll definitely be going back again. We didn't even get to the water area, The Son doesn't know about that part. Next time...

OK, this one is hilarious and embarrassing at the same time. I look ridiculous but truly, that ride was FUN! I'd risk embarrassment for fun like that again any time. Don't you wish you were there? I'll post a few more pictures later, I have a couple more cute ones of The Son that have to be turned in iphoto first! 


Always Smiling said...

Love the pics! I would totally ride that ride.

Cathy said...

ha ha!! I love it! I would love to ride it too!

Love the one of Nana and The Nephew on the carousel - cute!

Looks like fun!

Kimba said...

I always forget that you're in PA. I really want to try and make a trip to DW sometime this summer. It looks like so much fun for little kids.

Anyway, here's the tuturiol in a nutshell with no pics.

1. Sand down any obvious flaws that are bugging you. I really sand very little. Only if there is something really chipped or flawed that I know will bug me once it's painted.

2. Wipe the whole thing down with a tack cloth. Or just a wet rag if that's all I have.

3. Start priming. I usually do two light coats vs. one heavy coat to minimize drips. I only let the primer dry for a few minutes between coats.

4. Let it dry for about an hour then use the paint. Again, a couple of light coats is better than one heavy coat. I only wait a a few minutes between coats.


Honestly, if the piece isn't going to get heavy use and is real wood, I sometimes even skip the priming part.