Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Busy, busy day!

We have a lot going on here today and that means Ziggy is going to have to be alone for the first time since he got here. He's not going to like that but we don't have any other options...I suppose he'll get over it. 

I have a meeting at the Y with "my trainer" (aka my friend Jen, who just happens to be a personal trainer at the Y) she's going to help me figure out a new program for my work-outs since I really need an update. I have a bad cough right now so I probably won't do much cardio but at least I'll be doing something. The Son will go to Kids' Corner. 

After the Y, I am taking The Son to a pool party at one of his little girlfriend's houses, the moms are invited too of course. The thing is, it's going to be 98 degrees today. Will that be fun? I don't know but I guess I'll find out! ha ha! That lasts until about 2:45 then we'll come home and check on the new puppy. 

I am planning on making a recipe in my crock pot tonight called "Crock pot rigatoni". I found it on someone's blog and it sounded really good but of course, I cannot remember whose blog it was so I just "googled" it and found it there. If it was YOUR blog and you're reading, let me know, I'll link you! ;) 

After we check on the pup and get the crock pot going, The Son has karate. He's been doing a little better with his listening, well at least on Saturday he did. Mind you, saying he's doing "a little better with his listening" still doesn't mean he's a good listener. The kid talks so much, I don't know where he gets that? He's so funny to watch though  because the child is just NOT all that coordinated, poor thing. He must take after his father. 

So, that's our busy day for today, probably not all that exciting but I can guarantee we'll be sleeping well tonight....saying that brings me to a mini-update on Ziggy for you. Yes, he slept in the bed with us last night,  you know he did. He did pretty well though and slept from about 11 until 4:30 until The Husband took him out. I think that could be considered "sleeping through the night" don't you?  Now we just have to work on getting him to sleep in that darn kennel. Baby steps people, or should I say puppy steps? 

Have a great day!