Monday, June 2, 2008

The Husband

I don't really know what to post about today and I need to do a quickie since I have to get The Son off to school and myself ready for working out and work later this afternoon. I had to make sure to post something though so I thought about The Husband. 

I know that I am a very lucky woman. I read a lot of blogs and know a lot of girls through the Internet. Many of them have great, understanding and caring husbands like I do but many of them put up with crap and nonsense that I cannot believe even happens. Some have husbands (or ex-husbands) who don't even want to see or spend time with their kids and that is just SO sad to me. I don't understand who a parent doesn't want to be with their child as much as they can. My husband LIVES for the time he gets to spend with The Son (and with me too I suppose.) 

For the record, The Sister also has a fantastic husband. We are two lucky girls. Sure, we bitch and complain about them from time to time. My Husband, for example, doesn't listen very well to the daily minutia that I find important...things like which sandals to put on The Son when he brings him to school and why certain Gymboree outfits don't "go" together even though they match. I'm sure those are the exact same things that irritate him about me and that's fine, it's all normal I suppose. The Sister's husband also has listening issues and has trouble controlling himself around Oreos but they seem to get through all that as well. 

So, I just want to list a few things about my husband that make me happy, proud and make me know that he loves me and our Son so very much. 

1. He spent the entire weekend playing with and taking care of The Son so that I could work on the gifts for the preschool teachers. He did this all willingly, just because they wanted to spend time together, evidently they had a great time without me! ha ha! 

2. He is going to the craft store today to pick up more refills for my tape runner. I think he actually listened to the specifics and will end up with the right thing. (TOMBO permanent refills Honey, in case you see this.) 

3. He makes me coffee and breakfast EVERY morning.

4. He takes the dogs out EVERY morning and EVERY evening. 

5. He irons when I ask him to. 

6. He's cute. 

7. He's understanding that I go through more mood swings than usual since my mother's death. I know it's been really hard on him too. 

8. He's a hard worker and has ambition to keep succeeding in his career. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg that is The Husband but I think it gives a good little snippet of how great he really is to me and The Son. I know I don't say it enough but I really do appreciate it and feel very, very fortunate. If you read this Honey, know that we love you very much! Now make sure you get the PERMANENT refills...


Cathy said...

ha ha! we do have GREAT denying that.
did he get the correct refills?? Did you write it down for him, in DETAIL??

Running To Stand Still said...

He is cute!!! This is a nice post.

Running Jen said...

What a nice post!

Caren said...

Thanks girls! I told him I posted about him and he asked me what I want! ha ha! He's so silly.

Cathy, he did NOT get the right refill but only because he didn't get to go to Michael's and I told him anything permanent that would stick stuff down would work.

He will probably go to Michael's today so I'll keep you posted.

Michelle said...

You're one lucky girl, Caren!