Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Staycation

I recently saw the word "staycation" on the website BuzzWhack  and thought it was really funny. A "staycation," in case you didn't already guess is a  "stay-at-home vacation. Thanks to high gas prices and a sluggish economy, that's all most of us can afford." I don't know if we'll be going anywhere this summer so the CityFamily/CountryFamily might just end up having a staycation of our own. 

The Son's last day of preschool is on Friday but he's already signed up for various fun activities to keep him occupied this summer. He'll be attending five different weeks of camp, staggered throughout the summer. He chose to do the following: Kids in the Kitchen, Pet Week, Wacky Week, Down by the Seashore, and Backyard Explorers. 

I also enrolled him in a week of Preschool Drama classes and Preschool Tap classes. They are just 45 minute classes that last for one week and with my Y employee discount, they cost me $14 each! Can't beat that. Now of course, I have a challenge of buying little boy tap shoes and The Son has VERY small feet so that might be a Real Honest to Goodness Challenge. I am a former "tapper" and I think it might be something he really likes since anything involving making noise is always right up his alley. 

On the weeks when The Son isn't booked, we'll spend time at the Y's lovely outdoor pool and just hanging out with friends at family at various museums, parks and gardens. With all these fun options, a staycation doesn't even sound all that bad to me. 

I'll leave you with a couple pictures of The Son enjoying himself recently at Longwood Gardens, a place I'm sure we'll spend lots of time this summer. 


Marie said...

How funny! I think we will be on "Staycation" the rest of the summer. Gas prices necessitate!

About those tipsy pots... I saw how to do it on someone's blog but completely forgot WHERE. :o/ Anyway...the way I did it was placed a large pot at the bottom, pounded rebar through the bottom hole, put a plant in the bottom pot (you can push the rebar right through the plant). Then place the next pot through the bottom of the rebar (this one is going to rest on the bottom plant) and tip it. Then fill that pot with a plant. Then stagger the remaining pots- filling them with plants as you go. As the pots are tipped and filled they will lean on each other and stay where you put them. Does that make sense? We tested it a few times before filling them. Hope that helps! I want to see pictures when you are done (and I hope your plants look a little less pathetic than mine!).

Running Jen said...

He is just adorable, looks like such a big boy! We may be doing more of a "staycation" too. Definitely going to NY for a week, and thinking about an inexpensive weekend at the beach, since it's not too far a drive

Kimba said...

Very cute pictures of your son. He's adorable. We're doing a traveling vacation this summer but only because it's been a standing tradition with my husband's family for 15 years. We stay in the same vacation house every year and it's been reserved since last summer. I'm trying not to think about how much it's going to cost to drive there.

I love the idea of a stay-cation though. There are so many cool things right near our house that we never get around to doing. It would be great to have a week at home to just have fun. Ignore the projects and just enjoy ourselves.

Cathy said...

I love the pictures of Longwood. I recognize the Children's Garden.
I WISH I was having a "staycation" You know me and my love of traveling, NOT!!