Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Amelia Island, FL - Part II - Beach time!

Personally, I'm not much of a Beach Bum, I much prefer a pool but I certainly appreciate the beauty and do enjoy going there. The boys in the family however, LOVE it. They spent hours each day digging and searching for sharks' teeth, well, at least The Husband did, The Son just dug in the sand. I guess when you're four, that's all the purpose you need, digging for the sake of digging. Right? 

Heading down:

Beach fun! The parrot's name was Amelia...real clever huh? She was two years old and knew quite a bit already. A very smart bird. The Son of course was fascinated by her and collected rocks on the beach for her to play with. Evidently, she liked them and tossed them around which excited him greatly. Notice the gorgeous shark tooth necklace on him in the picture below, pretty cool huh? 

Part III coming soon...


Cathy said...

Great pictures!! My Nephew looks adorable as usual! :)

Running To Stand Still said...

These pics are great!!!!