Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sometimes I just crack myself up!

I worked yesterday at the Y, it was fun, I'm still in training for this swim teacher gig but I'm enjoying it a lot...once I get myself there and get settled. 

It was a mad dash yesterday morning trying to get The Son ready and to the Kids' Corner and me into the pool by 9AM. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am not known for my punctuality, my witty personality and dazzling smile yes, but my punctuality no. This can be a challenge when I have an actual job that requires me to be punctual. 

So anyway, I did manage to get us there in time, by the skin of our teeth. The Son wasn't very well behaved in Kids' Corner. Anyone who knows him will tell you he's not known for his ability to share well. His witty personality and dazzling smile yes, but sharing skills, no. Evidently he had a couple time outs, and was told that I would be very angry and not let him watch "Sprout" and he eventually shaped up. He ended up having a good day in preschool which I was pleased with so that I didn't have to actually enforce the threat about no "Sprout". Phew...

So, as I was finished and getting changed into my work out clothes, I realized I had FIVE pairs of shoes with me, yes, I said FIVE! I just thought it was hilarious and couldn't stop laughing at myself. I probably looked like some crazy lunatic lady in the locker room. So here's what I had:

1. Sneakers - these I HAD to have. 
2. Rubber/plastic flip-flops. Not at all comfortable but just for the shower. 
3. Regular "cuter/comfortabler" flip-flops that I didn't realize were already IN my gym bag. 
4. An older pair of Birkenstocks to replace the "missing" flip-flops I thought weren't IN my gym bag. 
5. The sandals I wanted to put on after work and my work out. These I also HAD to have in there. 

So I guess it turns out that had I not had those extra Birkenstocks, I still would have had four pairs of shoes and thought that was normal. The fact that I also had three towels, work out clothes, a bathing suit and regular clothes not to mention The Son's back pack with a change of clothes for him, just in case probably helps explain why it's difficult for me to be punctual. 

I guess I should work on that.

(Meanwhile, it's nice that I can continue to laugh at myself.)

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Shakirra said...

OMGoodness! Caren, that is just insane! First, I am very proud of you for taking a shift that starts at 9am and then to turn around and be on time for it. Very fascinating to me. Is the son going to bed earlier? Are you going to bed earlier?