Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No more danger from me!

In 24-48 hours I will officially be (according to the Social Security Administration) CCMomma MarriedName as opposed to CCMomma  McMaiden name. I don't know how I've gone almost 14 years with this never being an issue. According to the SS Admin. I never changed my name on my card but since I've been married I've had at least seven different jobs, some full time and some part time. I've had jobs since "9-11" for large companies and this has never been a problem. Now, to teach swimming at my local Y for a little bit more than minimum wage, they're giving me a hard time. Silly, IMO! Anyway, it's taken care of. No more National Security threat from CCMomma, the country can rest easy again and worry about more important things like wars, presidential elections and the price of gas. Phew! 

A special thanks to The Husband (CityDaddyCountryDaddy?) for going into work late so that I could get it all taken care of. Love you CCDaddy! 

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Cathy said...

ha ha!! Glad you got it taken care of!