Sunday, May 4, 2008

Antiquing sucked...but...

The Pottery Barn Outlet didn't! 

What a mess! We drove all the way to the outdoor antique/junk market place that The Husband has been talking about for YEARS! "You're going to love it, there's great stuff for really cheap, lots of fun...can't wait" He's excited, I'm excited, The Son, is excited. Mind you, I checked on the Internet, got the address loaded it into the GPS, nothing on the website gave us ANY indication that there would be a problem, then we get there. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. NO ONE is around. We were so disappointed. 

We decide to go in some of the antique shops around, this area is known for being a BIG antiquer destination. The places were cool but had nothing that we were looking for or if they did the prices were too high. If I had wanted depression glass, milk glass, estate jewelry or really big carved furniture pieces, (We saw a dining room set HUGER THAN HUGE for $69,000!) I would have been all set but what we were looking for just wasn't there. After several frustrating stops, I decided we should use The Husband's iphone to find the address for the Pottery Barn Outlet that I knew was nearby and we ended up there. 

It was great! The prices are still kind of high but we ended up with a bunch of cute and useful stuff and ended up spending around $300. Here's a few pictures for you. I'll show them in their proper places later but for now...

Just the "peach blossoms" I already had the vase. These were actually from Williams Sonoma, I knew they were the same company but was pleasantly surprised to find stuff from WS there at the PB outlet.

I got two of these chairs and they were definitely "The Bargain of the Day". Get this, they were $4.97 each! The Husband is now lamenting the fact that we didn't get at least one more since we still need a chair in our study and this would have been able to hold us over until we get a real nice desk chair. I might be making a trip there again this week coming up. These chairs are actually the "West Elm" brand, again, I didn't expect to find them at the PB outlet. 

These are just some various decorating items, The citrus tree is for the island in the kitchen but there's too much junk in there right now to take a picture of that! 

I got four of these pillows, (two blue and two red) actually four inserts and four pillow covers. I've been shopping around for pillows and although these were a little pricey, I thought they were a pretty good price for the quality and the fact that I can buy different covers in the future and not have to worry about the inserts so I went ahead and got them.

More decorating items, the mirror in the back was a $75 mirror and we paid less than $20 for it, it's going to look really cute somewhere. The beachy/seashell stuff is for my mantel in the summer, I don't think I'll put that out yet. The letter "A"  is for The Son's room and was  a really lucky find, he was so excited that we found "his favorite letter." It was originally around $8 and I paid less than $2 for it. The rest of the stuff will find a home sooner or later. 

Last but not least, a brushed nickel lamp for the front hallway, the shade is actually from "Restoration Hardware" and was practically the only reasonably priced thing at the entire outlet! LMAO! And I thought PB was expensive. 

We also got a wooden tray for on top of our ottoman and a few linen items and greatly reduced prices, I'm happy with our finds...this house is coming together slowly but surely. Almost forgot to mention, The Son, for the most part, was very well behaved and we didn't even have to mention our bribe at all. Phew...


Nikki said...

Great finds Caren! I likey your summer display finds and can't wait to see them all put out.

That really sucks about the antique shopping :-( I would have loved to have seen pics of that event. Did you get the weekend wrong? or find any info about it in the antique stores near by?

I'm glad A got a little something too ;)

J~Mom said...
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