Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yard Work = Hard Work!

Yesterday was a busy day. The Family started out going to a local parade whose "theme" was...get this, "Patriotic Hometown Parade". Ok, that's not a theme, that's just what it was! How can a Memorial Day parade in a small town BE anything but a patriotic hometown parade...whatever, it was cute and I have pictures...lots of pictures of Monday's parade AND Saturday's parade. Saturday's parade lasted all of 17 minutes and that's being generous! I'll post some of those first. 

So after yesterday's Patriotic Hometown Parade, we went to the hardware store and bought lots of stuff to plant grass and lots of flowers to pretty up the front of the house. I made a new wreath, planted tons of impatiens, begonias, dianthus, geraniums, lantana, petunias, etc., etc., etc. and worked for hours. The Husband put together his seed spreader thingy and seeded and watered the yard hoping to grow a nice lush lawn this summer. He's got a lot of work ahead of him. When discussing the yard and lawn with him, he loves to say, "I used to be a groundskeeper for a monastery you know?" "I know that Honey but you're a dean of a university now, not a groundskeeper." is always my reply but I know he can grow it if he has a chance to work on it now and again. 

The Son seized the opportunity to play in the sprinkler. This involved me helping him get his swim suit on, putting on the swim shirt, finding and putting on the water shoes. It was evening so he didn't need sunscreen. He then played in the sprinkler for all of three and a half minutes before deciding that the water was too cold. You know we already told him that before he got all wet, right? Oh well, at least he had three and a half minutes of a rousing good time! ha! He ended up going inside to dry off and The Husband and I ended up polishing off a bottle of Chardonnay on the front step while we admired our work. 

The house is looking prettier than ever, I'm really pleased with it and I'll post pictures of my new plantings in a few days when they really start looking good. I also got lots of loads of laundry washed and dried. Today I'm supposed to be putting them away and organizing The Son's spring/summer clothing. It's 4:34 already and they only thing I've organized is my e-mail in box...that counts for something though doesn't it? 

Ok, I'm off to fold and put away...

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Roshell said...

I envy you for being able to get things done. Can't wait to see pictures of new plants.