Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm not an illegal alien, I swear!

Evidently, I have issues with "Homeland Security", really, I do.  When the Y ran my "information" through their Homeland security company, it came back red-flagged. Even though I changed my name on my SS card almost 14 years ago AND my taxes come in my married name AND my SS statement comes in my married name, they are telling me that my SS card has my maiden name and not my married name. 

Tomorrow, bright and early, I am heading to the SS office, marriage certificate in hand, to get it resolved. This had better be the end of all this nonsense...SO irritating. 

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Running To Stand Still said...

LMAO. This is seriously a riot at this point. All the probs out there and they are worried about you. I hope it gets resolved so you can get on with your life!!!