Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's coming along...

I try to do a little decorating project every day or two and I think I am almost finished with my front hallway. It took me a while because I didn't have a table the right size. I had a cute table from the City House that I refinished and I really like the way it looks BUT, it was WAY too small. I'm used to a small house and sometimes this big one throws me for a loop when decorating. The Husband and I looked and looked and looked for a nice simple table that wouldn't cost too much but we couldn't find anything. I finally realized that I had a "dressing table" in the City House that had no place in this house, I changed the knobs from white porcelain with pink rosebuds to a silvery/nickel kind of thing and voila' it looks great and is just the right size. I'd like to add a few things perhaps to make it a little "warmer" but I'm still working on that. 

Here's how it looks:
All of the things on the wall (except the "C")  are mirrors that I've been collecting for just this purpose. I'd like to get a few more smaller ones perhaps to make it even more "collage-ish". The "C" (our last initial, not just my first initial...I'm not THAT vain ;) ) is papier mache and I painted it brown and blue I really like the way it came out. 

Here's one of the new knobs, I tried to take a picture of the old one, you know I did, but it wouldn't photograph well. Trust me though, it was outdated and not that cute. These are much better for what I need. 

So all in all, I'm pretty pleased with it but I think it could use a bit more "tweaking" to get it just right, If anyone out there has any suggestions on what I could add, feel free to suggest away! Thanks! 


Kimba said...

Very cute! I really like the table.

I found your blog through a comment you left at Just a Girl. I'm enjoying reading it and I'll be back.

Running To Stand Still said...

I love it!! Looks great and how nice that you figured out something that you already had!!!