Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm beginning to think...

That I might just be too old for this look:

My mom always used to tell me that when I wear my hair up or back in an elastic, that I should cover it up. It's something that always stuck with me and therefore, I don't even go to the gym with a plain elastic band in my hair...honestly, I don't. I always use a ribbon or some kind of cute hair accessory.  Sometimes I wrap the hair around the pony tail and that looks really cute and stylish (at least IMO) but my hair is very silky and smooth and it doesn't stay neat looking all day because the elastic just slips out over time. I found hair elastics with rubber grips on them that stay put but then, my hair wrap, looks messy and doesn't cover it. So my issue is, am I too old, at 38, to be wearing a bow in my hair?  I like the way it looks  and I try not to make it a huge, big bow, just a cute bow to cover the hair elastic. Since I am a major ribbon whore and use it for my crafting, I have just about any kind of ribbon that I need to coordinate with an outfit so it always matches. I only do it on days that I'm dressed casual and just hanging out. I know it's silly and when I see another person with an uncovered hair rubber band, it doesn't really bother me (Ok, maybe a little) but I'm hoping people don't think I look like some old lady trying to be cute. It just makes me happy and I don't think that's so wrong... feel free to comment if you like, I can take it. 


Nikki said... what you want :D

Shakirra said...

You are such a nut..You know I don't give a damn!

J~Mom said...
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Cathy said...

you are so silly! I love it!