Tuesday, May 6, 2008

YMCA...it might be fun to work at the...

YMCA! But I'll never know at the rate things are going with my hiring process right now. I was recently hired as a swim teacher and things seemed great until I started all the paperwork with HR. It's making me a little nutty. I have had at least seven different jobs since I've been married and this has NEVER been a problem. I don't have a copy of my Social Security card. For some reason, when I changed my name after getting married almost 14 years ago, the SS administration never sent me a new card. I have a passport and I've always used that to prove that I am in fact a citizen. It's been expired for a few years but evidently that doesn't matter. Once you have a passport, expired or valid, you are good to go...usually. The passport is also in my maiden name but it has never been a problem...until now. I have worked in a museum with millions of dollars worth of artifacts and it wasn't a problem. Now, to make a little over minimum wage and teach swimming to kids it's going to be an issue? Come on! 

I have to go talk to the HR person again tomorrow and sign some papers stating that I am who I say I am. I sent away to the county where I was married for a copy of my marriage license so when that comes there should be no more problems but somehow the Y thinks that my SS card is still in my maiden name which it definitely isn't. I wouldn't be able to file taxes with The Husband if it was so that should not be an issue! I really want to get this taken care of so that I can start training and be ready to teach for the next session...is that so much to ask? 

There is a large immigrant population here and that's why they tell me that they have to be so careful with hiring but still, this is a little bit ridiculous. Also, they tell me that because I have to get a child abuse clearance that could be an issue but I've had three other child abuse clearances since getting married so I also think that reason's also a bunch of BS. AHHHHHH! I'm freaking out here! 

This is where I should be :


Running Jen said...

Wow. I hope everything works out so you can start your new job soon!

Running To Stand Still said...

That does seem a bit over the top. I mean especially since you have been there with them for a while now. Not like you walked in off the street. Anyway, I hope things get moving a bit quicker for you!!!