Thursday, May 22, 2008

Housekeeping 101 with The Son

Son: Hey Momma, my toilet needs cleaning. It has a "ringus of scum". 

Me: A what? 

Son: You know, a ringus of scum. You can have that in the bathtub too but the Sonic Scrubber can get rid of it quickly and easily. 

Me: Ok, thanks for telling me that, I'll keep it in mind. 

There are so many things wrong with this conversation: 

1- Could it be that my child just MIGHT watch a little bit too much Sprout since he is now quoting the commercials to me? 

2- Why is my child telling me to clean stuff that in all honesty isn't really that dirty. I am very good at keeping the toilets more or less clean. The house may be a little cluttered but the toilets are clean. (Not clean enough to lick for those of you who watched Oprah yesterday...gross!) 

3- What the hell is a ringus? 


Running To Stand Still said...

Um, that is just too much for me. LOL!

shannon said...

Haha!! This just too funny! Sounds like the kind of stuff Josh comes up with. He called dh at work one day and told him we needed the Works GT, and told him all its features. You ought to get that boy on commericials!!!

Caren said...

So funny that you'd say that Shannon, he just told me he wants to be on commercials! I'd consider it if I knew how to go about doing it. He'd be a natural I'm sure.