Sunday, July 6, 2008

Birthday party fun today.

We're going to a neighbor boy's (Josh) birthday party today. It's a good friend of The Son and he's going to be five. That means unfortunately that he will be starting Kindergarten this fall and The Son still has to wait another year. I wish they could have been in the same grade but there's certainly not much I can do about that now is there? The Son will be starting next year and they'll be in the same school so that's good.

We went to Dutch Wonderland on the 4th of July with the same family, they're very nice. The father is originally from Boston so he and The Husband have a lot in common. It's nice for The Husband and The Son to have friends who live so close. I am getting to know the Mom of the family as well and I like her a lot. I have to remember to ask her if she's seen the "Sex and the City" movie, maybe she'll go with me. If we can find the time that is, that seems to be my biggest problem, actually finding someone who has time AND wants to see it.
I do have lots of nice pictures of our trip to DW but I have to ask if they mind me posting their son on my blog. I guess some people might actually care about that kind of stuff.
I made a card for Josh and I think it came out OK although it's not one of my best. I wanted to use my dinosaur stamps because The Son loves dinosaurs. I have never used these particular stamps and for some reason, making the card look good was kind of tricky. Let me know what you think. I know the photo didn't come out great. I had to put it in photoshop because it was flipping and was vertical instead of horizontal. That happens with my cards sometimes and I have no idea why. Here it is:

We got the Birthday Boy a giant Tonka truck for his present, The Son has the same one, he calls it Mr. Dump and he has a smaller one that he calls Dumpy. Dumpy rides around on the back of Mr. Dump, I guess they're supposed to be father and son trucks? Anyway, he and Josh always disagree over who gets to play with Mr. Dump. I figured getting him his own was a good idea because then they could both have one. Good thinking, don't ya think? I hope The Son didn't tell him we got it. He has a tendency to do that. 

Well, I'm going to be busy with camp for the next two weeks. I have a couple posts planned and I'm going to try to schedule to have them posted each day. That's a lot of technology though so we'll see if I can make it happen. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone! 


Cathy said...

I love the card. Looks great! That is a really cute set of stamps.
I hope you had fun at the party.

morewineplease said...

Someone has to see SATC with you!!!
Have fun at camp!

Fifi Flowers said...

I would like a downtown loft to go with my suburb house!

Running To Stand Still said...

That card is great!

I am behind a bit but saw your dresser posted on that blog. That is exciting!! It looks great too.

Jenn said...

Cute card, as always, Caren!! Great idea getting Josh a "Mr. Dump", too. Now when they play together, they'll have to find something else to fight about...cause you know all kids do that. LOL