Friday, July 25, 2008

He's growing FAST!

Not much time for a long post this morning. The Son has a tap "recital" at the Y and we have to be there at 11:30. We're also going to the pool afterward so I have to get all the swimsuits, towels and pool goodies together before we go, not to mention, I have to try to look cute for all the other Y Mommies since I have a couple of their kids in swim lessons and I'm always looking a hot mess in a swimsuit, no make-up and crazy hair. This is my chance to shine! Oh wait, it's The Son's recital isn't it!? ha ha!

I thought I'd just post a few pictures of Ziggy our German Shorthaired Pointer so you can see how handsome he is and how big he's getting. He's a good puppy but many of you probably know "good puppy" is an oxymoron! He'll be good eventually though, I'm sure of that, he's very smart. Right now he's like a one and a half year old human child who cannot play unless Mommy is right there with him and who will put anything. in. his. mouth. ANYTHING! It's difficult to get things done around the house but we're getting by...barely. I look forward to the day when he can't fit under the end tables and couches, that's his place to go when he knows he has something he shouldn't and then it's a real trial to get him out. At the rate he's growing, it won't be much longer! 

Please excuse my foot in this one, I didn't have time to photoshop it out but his eyes look so pretty I still had to show it to you.

See what I mean...handsome! Click here and here if you want to see how little he was when we brought him home. Have a good day everyone! I hope to be back later with pictures of The Son at his tap "recital". 


morewineplease said...

He's beautiful!! and not helping with my puppy fever!

Running To Stand Still said...

He really is the cutest thing ever. If we ever get another dog I will be looking into them more!!!

At Home Redesigns said...

CUTE puppy!