Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mama Kat's having a contest...

and as usual, I'm doing something about it at the last minute since the contest ends tomorrow.

Let me tell you a little bit about Mama Kat and her blog. I've been reading her for a while now. I'm not even sure how I found her, probably just a fluke that I clicked on a comment she posted on some one else's blog or something...boy am I glad I did! Mama Kat is quite funny, not to mention, smart and very, very pretty. She's so smart in fact that she probably studied epistemology, as a minor in college. She's a married, mother of three who recently decided to foster a greyhound. Her blog is great and quite entertaining, none of that bland, beige-ish kind of writing you'll find on other girls' blogs. When you read her blog, she makes you feel like you're one of her best friends, heck, you'll want to add her to your myspace list of friends, she's THAT good. I'm a happily married woman myself but if I were a lesbian, you can bet, Mama Kat would be on my radar in "that" way for sure! 

So anyway, you have a chance to get three entries for her contest 1-  you have to comment on the post that describes the contest. Check. 2- Add her to your blog roll. Check. (Already had her on there anyway) 3- And you have to write a post telling about the contest using nine specified words! Check. This is THAT post.  This is where the real challenge comes in, I think the people who do this should get a couple extra entries because THIS one takes a little thought. Kind of like in third grade when you had to use all your spelling words in a paragraph but only with harder words! LOL

Well, Mama Kat, I hope you liked my third entry. It was fun, even though I had to write "if I were a lesbian" and I know my Dad reads this. (Not that there's anything wrong with that of course) I'm off to take a shower now, we have Sunday plans to get busy on! 

Now go enter that contest everyone! 


Anonymous said...

Very nice...and you didn't have to make up a weird story either.... :)

Shakirra said...

Caren, I checked out the contest..I do not have time. God, that is going to my excuse for many years to come!

Running To Stand Still said...

LOL at this, I was wondering what was going on. It is so up your alley. I will try to remember later in the day.