Friday, July 18, 2008

The ladies are coming over tonight.

I'm finished! HIP HIP HOORAY!

My friends Lynn and Fabienne are coming over tonight to scrapbook/make cards and to just hang out. (Go here to my sister's blog if you want to read more about our obsession with scrapbooking)  There will be wine and there will be girl talk and I will be relaxing, not talking to campers. The only child I will have to see tonight is the one that belongs to me, I love him so I am happy. 

It's  HOT one out there today, I just got finished watering our flowers and I'm going to take a shower, put on make-up and try to look relatively pretty since I've been a sweaty, chlorinated hot mess for two weeks. (Isn't that a great image?) 

The Husband says he has a present for me for our anniversary which is on Wednesday. Fourteen years! Wow! He asked me if I want to wait until Wednesday or have him give me my present tonight. Don't you think that's a silly question? I'll let you know what I get. 

Off to take that nice shower now! 


Cathy said...

Ooooo! I can't wait to see what the present is!
Have fun with the girls tonight. I wish I was there. Someday I will have to come alone so we don't have to deal with dogs and drama, if you know what I mean! :)
Talk to you tomorrow.

Shakirra said...

Oooooo! tell me, tell me! Congratulations on 14 years