Friday, July 11, 2008

One week down...

and one more to go! 

My first week of summer camp is over! It went pretty well. The kids were 1st through 6th grade, with the majority of them falling in the middle grades of that range. Most of the kids were very sweet and cooperative but I had two boys who I thought would be the death of me by the end of the week. BRATS with a capital "B"  I tell you! They were brothers and they were the most miserable kids I have EVER met and I've met a lot of kids. You could have told these two that you were taking them on a shopping spree to Toys R Us and they would have responded with, "I hate Toys R Us!" A trip to Disney World would have been met with, "I hate Disney World" so when I wanted them to swim relay races or play kickball (with baby pools as bases) you can imagine that didn't go over well. It really makes you wonder what goes on at home with those two, either the parents spoil WAY too much, or don't spend enough time with the kids, perhaps it's a little of both. Anyway, I'm glad to report that they won't be a part of my camp next week. 

A few other things that surprised me are the things these kids get in their lunches. I'll have to devote a whole post to that. There were some unhealthy lunches for sure! I was very surprised. 

All in all, it was not a bad week, I missed The Son A LOT and I'm very happy that I get to be a SAHM, well besides my regular six hours a week of teaching swimming. I'm heading out this evening for a fun night with my friend Lynn. I think we're going shopping. We wanted to see "Sex and the City" but it's not playing anywhere around here. I guess that's what we get for living in the country. I just can't wait to do my hair and put on make-up and semi-cute clothes after a whole week of being in shorts, t-shirt and swimsuit. I'm rocking a pretty nice tan too after this week. (Well, it's tan for ME...I don't really tan) It will be nice to NOT look like a hot mess for a change. 

Enjoy your Friday evenings everyone! 

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Nikki said...

I believe it! Wait until you get to school age and meet the wonderful parents :-X

Pity is what I have a lot of for those kind of kids...but it makes it no easier to deal with them. They are a product of their environment so it is hard to be tough with them knowing the parents are the ones to blame.

Anyways, off my soapbox, I hope you have a lot of fun with your second week!