Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Grocery store cuteness...

The Son and I had to go to the grocery store after work this evening. (I had to teach swimming after camp) I had to pick up a few things for my lunches this week and next. I was there yesterday but forgot. Duh. Typical of me. Anyway, The Son said/did two really cute things. He wanted to push the cart. I was just using one of those little ones that they have so I let him. He could hardly see over it but he did a pretty good job. Then he said:

The Son: Mommy, I'm pushing the cart, I'm a big boy. 

Me: That's right Honey, you are a big boy and a good helper. 

The Son: I feel so much older, I think... I feel like I'm five! 

Me: Wow! That's old! (gosh, he's so cute)

As we left, he asked if he could go on one of those rides that you put a couple quarters in and then pray that it actually works for your kid who wants to ride it and I said he could since he was in camp/Kids' Corner all day and I was feeling guilty and he was good in the grocery store. (run on anyone?) The ride, happened to be right by the employee smoking area, (isn't that a stupid spot for the smoking area?)  Well, he rode the ride, it worked thank Goodness and then he got off and walked over to the three smokers (before I could stop him). He very calmly said to them:

The Son: You know, smoking is bad for you. 

Smoker: That's right, I shouldn't do it. 

The Son: Then stop doing it. It's not healthy. 

Smoker: Thank you, you're right, I'm putting it out right now. 

The Son: Ok good. Bye.

We then walked away, they were nice about it but I was a little embarrassed. Maybe he'll make someone think about smoking next time. The kid makes me laugh, that's for sure, and no one will ever accuse him of being shy. I don't know where he gets it. ;) 


Chris said...
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Chris said...

Okay. That delete was me. I must have had my hands on the keys wrong, and it was horrible. original post was to tell you how precious your "puppy" is. He's getting so big. However, when I picture a lap dog, it's usually a little smaller. I think I agree with you on that one!

Cathy said...

oh my!! I can't believe he said that to the smokers but GOOD FOR HIM!! I hope it stops a couple of people from doing that nasty habit!
cute stories!

Cathy said...

Ok another comment because I know you will get this here...I have a couple of techinical blog questions for you when we get a chance to chat. I know you are crazy busy this week.
Also - I sent the check for the scrapbooking weekend!! Can't wait!

Running Jen said...

He is just too cute!

Darlene said...

Out of the mouth of babes.....good for him. He wants them to be healthy. Too cute!!!