Thursday, July 24, 2008

More country adventures...

We had a little mishap with the time last weekend when we were supposed to be taking The Son to karate and we never actually made it there. oops. We ended up exploring the area a bit and found a couple yard sales, The Son got a few books and a new Monster Truck, I found a decorator table for $3 that I'll be using when I finally refinish The Chair I mentioned previously. 

We also found a charming little Amish farm with excellent produce, homemade lemonade and best of all, a cut your own flower garden. I realize I was cheating on "MY" Amish Man but this Amish couple and their kids with their cute little farm were so nice to me that Amish Man is going to have to understand that I need to see other Amish people. I DID buy corn from these people too and I DID go home and cook it up for lunch it was delish!

Here are some pictures of our day. 

The greenhouse, I didn't buy any flowers from them this year since we've done our planting but will definitely check it out next summer, they had some nice stuff. 

The Son enjoys his fresh lemonade. He was DYING of thirst so he had to drink it right then because he was SO HOT and he was DYING! (me = rolling eyes) At least he was happy after he tasted that yummy lemonade. 

The Husband enjoyed it too! 

The Son looks out over the cutting garden, if you look closely, you can see me cutting in the background. I was loving it! 

The Husband took this shot of a sunflower, I don't think he realized he chopped off the top petals but since we'll be going back again, we can get another shot since this one has potential to be great! Good job Honey!

The Husband in the cutting garden, yes, he's on his cellphone...on a Saturday...with someone at work...he's a very important, busy, busy man you know. Just kidding, honestly, that was the only time he dealt with work all day and I just thought it was funny that he was in the middle of an Amish garden talking to colleagues. 

The Son with his idea of  "smile pretty for Momma to take a picture" Little Stinker. 

Ok, that one's better!

And last but not least, the gorgeous bunch of flowers we got for $5! They still look just this beautiful today, FIVE days later! I will be going back again this weekend for sure! I should add that the white daisies are from MY garden at home. I thought the bunch needed a "pop" of white so I added them. 

Have a great day everyone! 


Running To Stand Still said...

I am so jealous of that farm, seriously you scored by finding that!!!

Cathy said...

cute!! Those flowers are beautiful!!

Always Smiling said...

I'm so jealous! You had a great day and found some wonderful things.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thank you for stopping by to see me. I hope you'll come back by for a little more decorating fun.


Michelle said...

How neat you have a place like that to go, Caren! Just beautiful!