Monday, July 21, 2008

Busy me and it's not even 3!

I am really enjoying my day "off" today...well, not really off but no camp so I feel relaxed. The Son and I have deemed this week, "Momma/Son Camp. He's really excited about it but in all honesty, it doesn't mean much more than our normal routine and a special trip or project here and there. Here's what's been on the agenda so far today. I got up early and went to the Y to work out. I came back and showered and got The Son ready to go to karate at 10, he had tap class at the Y at 11:30 (it's just a week long intro class) but we stopped at the "Pets & Friends" store before that class. I went to the swim instructor's room and got my rosters, attendance sheets and progress reports filled out for the upcoming four-week session while The Son went to tap. After tap, we went out to lunch "on a date" as The Son says. He wanted to stop at Starbucks after our lunch and I didn't argue because I love me some Starbucks. He likes to sit at the bar area and watch them make the frozen drinks. He had a cookie and I had a skim milk mocha with no whip. Yummmmm...

We just got home and took Ziggy out for a little walk with his new pinch collar. Let me tell you, I *heart* the pinch collar. Ziggy doesn't feel the same way about it but he walks a heck of a lot better and doesn't pull on the leash now like he did. He's a strong puppy and I had to nip that yanking in the bud...and fast! He's gnawing on a filled bone right now and I'm here posting. I have to organize my stuff and leave for the Y again at 3:30. I teach swimming from 4-7 and The Son has a lesson at 6:15. We'll shower and get jammies on him at the Y and then come home for dinner and bed.

Phew...I'm tired just reading all that. 

I have some good posts planned for the week, I just have to upload the pictures. Stay tuned for pictures of my scrapping evening on Friday, pictures of a new Amish farm I found (don't tell Amish Man) and my Bastille Day party pictures. 

Tomorrow we're trying a new Y pool with some friends so I'll probably have pictures of that too. Enjoy the rest of your day! 

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Running Jen said...

Glad you're enjoying your day! Just got back from Starbucks myself, finishing off a no whip Java Chip frap as I type this. Ava loves going there too, she just loves to sit and watch the people, play with the games they have, etc. Drinks her water or juice out of the little coffee cup. Fun stuff