Thursday, July 31, 2008

No thunder storm

Just so you know, there was no thunder storm last night. I had to teach ALL my lessons AND I have to water my plants. Blah. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Did I ever tell you?

Did I ever mention that our INDOOR pool at the YMCA closes during a thunder storm? Well, it does and this summer, we've been having a lot of thunderstorms on Wednesday nights. That means we don't see the students all that much per session since the sessions are only 5 and 4 weeks. Last week we never even started out in the water since it started to storm at 3:55 and classes start at 4:00. We were able to have class from 5:45 - 6:15 and we started the 6:15 class but at 6:40 or so it started again and we were done for the night.

Not that I'm complaining of course.

Yes, I like teaching swimming but I also like sitting on the mezzanine talking to my co-workers while getting paid for it too. Which would you prefer? Is it bad to hope for storms?

So, it's well over 90 degrees here today, hot and humid, and they're calling for "evening thunderstorms" again. The parents are credited for a class that's missed but they still get annoyed. I decided to look it up to see if it's REALLY necessary for us to get out of the pool and found a few different things. Most people say, "better safe than sorry" but the fact is that there has NEVER been a death reported from lightening striking an indoor pool.

I'll have to mention it at work to see if anyone else has heard anything different. Not that I'm going to try and change it, it's a national YMCA rule after all.

Here's a picture of the pool from last week when we got rained out. These were taken right before we went in for our 5:45 class, you can see the sun shining through the windows.

So, keep your fingers crossed for us tonight...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


That's what I just paid for a gallon of gas in Wilmington, DE. Isn't it sad that I'm happy about that? It's the first time in a long time that I paid less than $30 at the gas station. My car was only slightly less than half full but still it was refreshing. I hear it's "coming down" a little bit. Anyone out there paying any less than $3.82?

I remember the good old days when I could put $5 in my Honda and get more than half a tank. sigh. 

Monday, July 28, 2008

And they're not even chocolate...

Damn you Pepperidge Farm, damn you! 

My friend Fabienne brought these to my house recently. Come to think of it, maybe SHE'S the one I should be damning.

I swear they are the BEST (store-bought) cookies EVER. I've always been partial to Double Chocolate Milanos and I still love them but these are so good I could eat the entire bag. I haven't but I could. Every time I go to the grocery store, I tell  myself that I'm not going to buy them and then I come home with them anyway. The bag says they contain "real fruit" but I still can't fool myself into thinking they're even remotely healthy. Also, there are only 12 in a bag unlike the other PF cookies that contain 15 in a bag. They're kind of a rip off to buy but they are so delish that I usually don't even mind. 

I thought I'd tell you about them because maybe you'll go to the store and buy them all so that there won't be any left for me, my hips will thank you. 

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Social.

Another busy day here in Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania! Could we ever have a weekend with nothing scheduled? I doubt it. Today we're going to a "reverse surprise party" for my boss Cheryl at the Y. Her husband has retired and wants to move to Rhode Island and unfortunately, she's decided she has to go with him. I guess 30 some years of marriage will do that to you. ;) Anyway, I say "reverse surprise party" because she will already be at the house where the party  is being held (for a meeting with senior teachers) and we are all just going to show up there. It should be a lot of fun. I'm sad to see her leave, she's a really good person, great with the kids and a very encouraging and understanding boss. She's taught me everything I know...about teaching swimming that is. 

The Husband will finally be able to meet lots of the people I work with, The Son of course already knows them all. My boss recently told me I was turning him into a "Y-Brat" but she meant it in a good way. I know The Son enjoys being a part of the Y family and in all honesty, I do too. It's  a good place to work! 

I'm taking my famous deviled eggs to share and I might even decide to be brave and post a tutorial, revealing my very complicated secret deviled egg recipe just as long as no one in my real life circle of friends EVER steals it and decides to bring them to a party we will both be attending. There will be deviled egg hell to pay if that ever happens. 

I'm off to start boiling eggs! Have a good Sunday everyone! 

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shopping, haircuts and funny conversation.

We had a busy day today. Boy, I start a lot of posts out that way... The Son had karate at 10:00 and after that we stopped at a couple yard sales. All we ended up with is two giant dinosaur puzzles for $.50 each for The Son and a cute little $2 mirror (that will probably be spray painted) for me. We also stopped at our Amish Farm and picked up some veggies and two beautiful bouquets of flowers. We headed back home to drop off the flowers and headed out to the King of Prussia Mall for our haircuts. The KOP Mall is the largest "retail" Mall in the US. The Mall of America in MN is bigger over all but that's because it has an amusement park and all that kind of extraneous stuff in it. 

We all got our hair cut and I got mine colored.  We've been going to the same hair dresser, Lori, for over ten years. She's great. A weird thing happened to me today though, Lori put my color on my roots, let it set for 45 minutes, washed it out and realized that the whole back of my head "didn't take". We've never had that happen before. She had to reapply the color in that area. It looks good now though, it just took a little bit longer than usual. Both The Husband and The Son are now sporting nice, short, clean cut looks. I just love that on a guy whether it's a Big Guy or a little guy. 

We did a little shopping after that. The Husband stocked up on some clothes at JCPenney. I've never really loved that store but he always gets some nice casual "Man Stuff". He got some nice polos and casual basics for $5.99 and $8.99...can't beat that! I got another new swimsuit and a couple swim suit bottoms, a skirt and pair of swim shorts to go over my regular suits. I must cover up that region of my body you know! 

The Son was in his glory and ended up getting some Wall-E crocs. He really didn't need them but they are SO cute and I knew he'd love them so I had to surprise him with them. I'll post a picture of him with them soon. 

We went out to eat at Bennigan's (fancy huh? ) and then came home. The Son fell asleep on the way home so we were able to take him right up to bed and he'll get a nice, long sleep tonight. He needs it, I think he might be a little delirious and you'll think so too after reading a conversation we had recently. 

Son: Momma, you know that show I like, the one where they make the clothes?
Me: Project Runway?
Son: Yeah, Project Runway, you should be on that show. 
Me: Oh Honey, that would be cool but Momma doesn't sew as well as the people on that show. 
Son: (said with complete seriousness) No, no, no, you should be one of the models because you're 
Me: Well, that's very sweet of you to say but you could cut Momma in half and half of me would still be bigger than most of the models on that show. 
Son: (laughing hysterically) Oh Momma! We can't cut you in half! 

So I got the biggest kick out of that one. I guess the kid must really love me to think I could be a model on that, or any show, for that matter. It really was sweet though and certainly made me feel good. 

Well, signing off for the time being. I hope you all had a great Saturday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

Friday, July 25, 2008

He's growing FAST!

Not much time for a long post this morning. The Son has a tap "recital" at the Y and we have to be there at 11:30. We're also going to the pool afterward so I have to get all the swimsuits, towels and pool goodies together before we go, not to mention, I have to try to look cute for all the other Y Mommies since I have a couple of their kids in swim lessons and I'm always looking a hot mess in a swimsuit, no make-up and crazy hair. This is my chance to shine! Oh wait, it's The Son's recital isn't it!? ha ha!

I thought I'd just post a few pictures of Ziggy our German Shorthaired Pointer so you can see how handsome he is and how big he's getting. He's a good puppy but many of you probably know "good puppy" is an oxymoron! He'll be good eventually though, I'm sure of that, he's very smart. Right now he's like a one and a half year old human child who cannot play unless Mommy is right there with him and who will put anything. in. his. mouth. ANYTHING! It's difficult to get things done around the house but we're getting by...barely. I look forward to the day when he can't fit under the end tables and couches, that's his place to go when he knows he has something he shouldn't and then it's a real trial to get him out. At the rate he's growing, it won't be much longer! 

Please excuse my foot in this one, I didn't have time to photoshop it out but his eyes look so pretty I still had to show it to you.

See what I mean...handsome! Click here and here if you want to see how little he was when we brought him home. Have a good day everyone! I hope to be back later with pictures of The Son at his tap "recital". 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

More country adventures...

We had a little mishap with the time last weekend when we were supposed to be taking The Son to karate and we never actually made it there. oops. We ended up exploring the area a bit and found a couple yard sales, The Son got a few books and a new Monster Truck, I found a decorator table for $3 that I'll be using when I finally refinish The Chair I mentioned previously. 

We also found a charming little Amish farm with excellent produce, homemade lemonade and best of all, a cut your own flower garden. I realize I was cheating on "MY" Amish Man but this Amish couple and their kids with their cute little farm were so nice to me that Amish Man is going to have to understand that I need to see other Amish people. I DID buy corn from these people too and I DID go home and cook it up for lunch it was delish!

Here are some pictures of our day. 

The greenhouse, I didn't buy any flowers from them this year since we've done our planting but will definitely check it out next summer, they had some nice stuff. 

The Son enjoys his fresh lemonade. He was DYING of thirst so he had to drink it right then because he was SO HOT and he was DYING! (me = rolling eyes) At least he was happy after he tasted that yummy lemonade. 

The Husband enjoyed it too! 

The Son looks out over the cutting garden, if you look closely, you can see me cutting in the background. I was loving it! 

The Husband took this shot of a sunflower, I don't think he realized he chopped off the top petals but since we'll be going back again, we can get another shot since this one has potential to be great! Good job Honey!

The Husband in the cutting garden, yes, he's on his cellphone...on a Saturday...with someone at work...he's a very important, busy, busy man you know. Just kidding, honestly, that was the only time he dealt with work all day and I just thought it was funny that he was in the middle of an Amish garden talking to colleagues. 

The Son with his idea of  "smile pretty for Momma to take a picture" Little Stinker. 

Ok, that one's better!

And last but not least, the gorgeous bunch of flowers we got for $5! They still look just this beautiful today, FIVE days later! I will be going back again this weekend for sure! I should add that the white daisies are from MY garden at home. I thought the bunch needed a "pop" of white so I added them. 

Have a great day everyone! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Of Thee I Sing Baby...

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring Baby... 

Today, The Husband and I are celebrating fourteen years of wedded bliss. I thought this would be a great time to write down the story of How We Met. It's pretty least in my opinion. 

The Husband and I have always been involved in "the Theatre". He was usually more of a straight play actor, I was always in musicals, never a straight play. I have had the opportunity to play some really fun roles in fact. My favorite being Kathy Selden in "Singin' In the Rain", a show I did right before I met The Husband. 

As that show ended, my director asked me if I'd be interested in being the dance captain for  "Of Thee I Sing", a Gershwin musical he was choreographing. The show would be a collaboration of various theatre groups and would be rehearsed and performed in Philadelphia's City Hall. I had to think about it for a while because although I was teaching elementary school in The City, I still lived at home with my parents in the suburbs about 40 minutes outside of Philly. I talked to my mom about it and she said, "Go ahead and do it, maybe you'll meet a nice lawyer in City Hall." We laughed at the time but never realized how prophetic that statement would actually be. 

Auditions started in the beginning of September, I think they were actually on the second day of school, and it was my first year as a teacher. (I was twenty-two.) It was my job to teach a simple dance combination to all of the actors who were auditioning. I vaguely remember The Husband coming through to audition but I definitely remember his friend Mike coming through and I think they came together...I'll have to check with The Husband on this one! They were a part of the Philadelphia Bar Association's theatre group and their group was one of the collaborators. 

Rehearsals followed soon after, I played a beauty contestant in the show and The Husband and some of the other younger guys were dancers at various points in the show when male dancers were needed. As dance captain, I was responsible for helping the "slower learners" pick up the steps so I must have worked with The Husband a lot (hee hee Honey, are you laughing?) ...he wasn't really on my radar yet though...

We often had Saturday rehearsals and would all end up going out to eat at Reading Terminal Market together. I started to notice that The Husband was a nice guy and I also noticed that other girls in the show were noticing that The Husband was a nice guy. After he made white chocolate macadamia nut cookies for rehearsal one weekend, one girl commented that "He's so sweet, someone really should snatch him up." I started to think about it but wasn't too keen on the fact that The Husband had a beard or that he was shorter than I am. I was also a bit intimidated that he was an attorney and I was "just" a school teacher. (remember, I WAS only 22 and still a bit immature) Nonetheless, he started to grow on me the more I got to know him and I realized that him being a lawyer wasn't intimidating at all. 

During all this, I was also dating another guy but it was very casual and although he was nice, there wasn't much of a spark. I tried to make it known to other members of the cast that I was interested in The Husband. The Husband now tells me that people mentioned this to him but he didn't really believe them and that he knew I was dating someone else. One weekend during the rehearsals, The Husband had a party at his house and we were all invited. I went and was very jealous of another girl who was there talking to The Husband a lot. They both had a love of the show "Northern Exposure" and I had never watched it so I thought he liked her and not me! LMAO! The party was fun and I was really starting to like him after it so I continued to spread the word. 

He never got the message. I finally got sick of waiting for him to ask me out so I got up the nerve to do it myself. I think the show had started its run or was about to start so it was late October at this point. One night when we were trying to leave to go home for the night we found out we were locked in the parking garage. Actually, there was no one in the booth to take our money and it seemed like we waited a really long time for someone to get there. I decided then that I would ask him if he wanted to meet for dinner the next night. Obviously, he said "yes"! We agreed that we would meet in front of City Hall and find somewhere to eat.

He took me to a nice little Italian place not far from City Hall called Girasole (sunflower in Italian) I was expecting that we'd just grab a quick sandwich or something like that but he picked Girasole and I certainly wasn't disappointed. I was also expecting to pay since I was the one who asked him out but of course, he paid too. So sweet... Our date couldn't last that long since we had a show to do that night, we walked back to City Hall and did the show. (It's funny to add in here that our dressing room for the show was in Philadelphia's City Council caucus room and when I say "our" dressing room. I mean everyone's. dressing. room.  We all got changed and in and out of costumes in the same place. Pretty normal for theatre but still a bit weird as soon as you start liking someone in the show with you! )

The next night, he gave me a little card saying that he had a good time on our dinner date. I was smitten and SO happy. We continued a whirlwind romance after that first date. The boy I was dating called me during the run of the show and I told him I had met someone else. I even remember telling him, "I think I'm going to marry this guy" and he told me I was crazy. Not so crazy now huh? 

We spent as much time together as possible and got engaged on Valentine's Day a mere three and a half months later! I know my parents were a bit worried that it was fast but he asked them before he proposed to me and they gave him their blessing. We planned a long engagement and were married a year and a half later on July 23, 1994...fourteen years ago today! Asking The Husband to meet me for dinner was one of the best things I ever did, that's for sure! 

Here's a picture of us around that time, we are SO young (and skinny) it's unreal. We worked on The Spirit of Philadelphia as singing/dancing waiters to earn money to help pay for our wedding. This picture was taken during a special employee party we had there. I loved that job, he hated it but that's another whole post! 

I know I've written before about what a great guy he is and I know I will always feel that way. He's smart, handsome, funny and a great father which is the most important thing I would ever want in a man. 

Thank you for being such a great husband My Bug! I love you so much! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scrapbooking is good for the soul.

I mentioned before that two of my girlfriends came over on Friday night for a Good Old-Fashioned Scrapbooking get together. We had a great time and will be making it a weekly (or bi-weekly) event. I made The Husband take a few pictures of us, it was just like having a professional photographer there. ;) 

Here we all are together. Fabienne is on the left, she's my friend from Paris, and my friend Lynn is on the right, she's the one who teaches French. They met each other at the Y because Lynn heard Fabienne's accent and then I met Fabienne through Lynn. We've become really good friends and have a lot in common. The Son and I are hanging out with them and their kids today as a matter of fact. I'm sure that will be another post soon. 

So Lynn always tells me that she's not that creative but she did a great job with two cards that she made with my stamps. I also know she had a great time because when she left, she said, "I feel so productive and so much better than when I got here." See... scrapbooking/stamping IS good for the soul! Here's her two projects: (Sorry they're a little blurry, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the wine I had) 

I realized that I don't have any pictures of Fabienne's work, she was working on a scrapbook of her son Matthew. He's now 5 and he and The Son get along great. Here's a nice picture of her working on her stuff though. 

I was finally able to complete a frame/memo board I purchased from Creative Memories. I bought it from one of my Creative Memories dealers (yes, I have more than one, kind of like my Amish Man) I wanted to be able to display my scrapbooking work and thought that it would be nice to change the pictures seasonally. It turned out to look really great. The Husband has to hang it for me but we haven't managed to get around to that yet. Maybe next weekend... 
so, here it is, it's magnetic and can be easily changed, I'm really happy with the way it came out but I also look forward to changing it. Fun! 

Lastly, here we all are, working on our stuff, it was really fun and I hope to do it again very soon. The Sister says she'll be coming one of these days too! I say, the more the merrier! Scrap it up ladies! Scrap it up! 

Monday, July 21, 2008

Busy me and it's not even 3!

I am really enjoying my day "off" today...well, not really off but no camp so I feel relaxed. The Son and I have deemed this week, "Momma/Son Camp. He's really excited about it but in all honesty, it doesn't mean much more than our normal routine and a special trip or project here and there. Here's what's been on the agenda so far today. I got up early and went to the Y to work out. I came back and showered and got The Son ready to go to karate at 10, he had tap class at the Y at 11:30 (it's just a week long intro class) but we stopped at the "Pets & Friends" store before that class. I went to the swim instructor's room and got my rosters, attendance sheets and progress reports filled out for the upcoming four-week session while The Son went to tap. After tap, we went out to lunch "on a date" as The Son says. He wanted to stop at Starbucks after our lunch and I didn't argue because I love me some Starbucks. He likes to sit at the bar area and watch them make the frozen drinks. He had a cookie and I had a skim milk mocha with no whip. Yummmmm...

We just got home and took Ziggy out for a little walk with his new pinch collar. Let me tell you, I *heart* the pinch collar. Ziggy doesn't feel the same way about it but he walks a heck of a lot better and doesn't pull on the leash now like he did. He's a strong puppy and I had to nip that yanking in the bud...and fast! He's gnawing on a filled bone right now and I'm here posting. I have to organize my stuff and leave for the Y again at 3:30. I teach swimming from 4-7 and The Son has a lesson at 6:15. We'll shower and get jammies on him at the Y and then come home for dinner and bed.

Phew...I'm tired just reading all that. 

I have some good posts planned for the week, I just have to upload the pictures. Stay tuned for pictures of my scrapping evening on Friday, pictures of a new Amish farm I found (don't tell Amish Man) and my Bastille Day party pictures. 

Tomorrow we're trying a new Y pool with some friends so I'll probably have pictures of that too. Enjoy the rest of your day! 

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mama Kat's having a contest...

and as usual, I'm doing something about it at the last minute since the contest ends tomorrow.

Let me tell you a little bit about Mama Kat and her blog. I've been reading her for a while now. I'm not even sure how I found her, probably just a fluke that I clicked on a comment she posted on some one else's blog or something...boy am I glad I did! Mama Kat is quite funny, not to mention, smart and very, very pretty. She's so smart in fact that she probably studied epistemology, as a minor in college. She's a married, mother of three who recently decided to foster a greyhound. Her blog is great and quite entertaining, none of that bland, beige-ish kind of writing you'll find on other girls' blogs. When you read her blog, she makes you feel like you're one of her best friends, heck, you'll want to add her to your myspace list of friends, she's THAT good. I'm a happily married woman myself but if I were a lesbian, you can bet, Mama Kat would be on my radar in "that" way for sure! 

So anyway, you have a chance to get three entries for her contest 1-  you have to comment on the post that describes the contest. Check. 2- Add her to your blog roll. Check. (Already had her on there anyway) 3- And you have to write a post telling about the contest using nine specified words! Check. This is THAT post.  This is where the real challenge comes in, I think the people who do this should get a couple extra entries because THIS one takes a little thought. Kind of like in third grade when you had to use all your spelling words in a paragraph but only with harder words! LOL

Well, Mama Kat, I hope you liked my third entry. It was fun, even though I had to write "if I were a lesbian" and I know my Dad reads this. (Not that there's anything wrong with that of course) I'm off to take a shower now, we have Sunday plans to get busy on! 

Now go enter that contest everyone! 

Friday, July 18, 2008

So, here's what I got...

I was very surprised this evening when The Husband told me he had my anniversary present. I wasn't really expecting much, only because I didn't really think we were making a big deal this year.  My guy sure did a great job to surprise me. I cannot wait to use this present. Tomorrow for sure when we have "Parent's Night Out". The Son will go to the Y from 6-9 and we will go out on a date. I sure will be looking cute with my present...

So, you want to see it? 

Here's the bag, I got excited when I saw this.




Voila! Isn't it sharp? Didn't The Husband do a good job of picking it out? I was also impressed that he said, "I got it because I thought it could go with a lot and was really cute for summer." What a guy! I have cute bronzey shoes (courtesy of my friend Amy, that's a whole other post though) that it will look darling with. 

I'm a lucky, lucky girl! He's so good to me AND he has good taste. I think I'll keep him for another fourteen least. 

Thank you Bug, I love you! 

The ladies are coming over tonight.

I'm finished! HIP HIP HOORAY!

My friends Lynn and Fabienne are coming over tonight to scrapbook/make cards and to just hang out. (Go here to my sister's blog if you want to read more about our obsession with scrapbooking)  There will be wine and there will be girl talk and I will be relaxing, not talking to campers. The only child I will have to see tonight is the one that belongs to me, I love him so I am happy. 

It's  HOT one out there today, I just got finished watering our flowers and I'm going to take a shower, put on make-up and try to look relatively pretty since I've been a sweaty, chlorinated hot mess for two weeks. (Isn't that a great image?) 

The Husband says he has a present for me for our anniversary which is on Wednesday. Fourteen years! Wow! He asked me if I want to wait until Wednesday or have him give me my present tonight. Don't you think that's a silly question? I'll let you know what I get. 

Off to take that nice shower now! 

Choirs of angels...

are singing this morning because it is The Last Day of Aquatic Adventures Camp! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I won't have to eat one more "South Beach" wrap for lunch any time soon, I won't have to spend all day reminding the little red-headed girl to put on more sunscreen, I won't have to break up any more water gun fights with kids who are mad because they got shot with water. (Uh hello, don't play if you don't want to get wet!) I won't have to explain to the annoying kid why he can't get mad when "the shark" turns him from a minnow into a shark and that if he doesn't want to get tagged then he shouldn't play, I won't have to rush out the door in the morning to make sure I'm there for camp opening at 9 AM, and last but certainly not least, I won't be missing The Son from 9AM until 4PM (or later) every day. Things will be returning to my semi-blissful SAHM(ish) days as of 4PM this afternoon. Hallelujah! 

Remember back when I was excited to do this camp? What was I thinking? Truth be told, I will miss some of the kids and it was fun (most of the time) but I really am glad it's done! Phew. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where I'll be...

I had great intentions, I was going to get a couple more posts all ready for you and have them set to post for the next three days, my LAST three days of camp. I even had pictures of our pool set to post, but those won't work either and I have to be at work in 45 minutes...still in my jammies ooops! But last evening The Son had a "difficult moment" and none of the things I wanted to happen happened. Being a mom is hard. Just when you think your kid is great and does all (or most of) the things you want him to do, he turns on you and shatters your belief of how great a mom you are. Anyway... three more days of camp. I'll be in the pool should anyone need me. 

(Please hum the tune, "She Works Hard for the Money" quietly to yourselves now...I'll try to be back to "normal" soon.) 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Amish

I've lived in Pennsylvania all my life. I like it here, it's a great state. Pennsylvania is one of the states that is known for having a large Amish population. (Well, large as far as the Amish go) I haven't had a lot of contact with the Amish until moving here to Southern Chester County. There are some Amish who do business in Philadelphia's famous Reading Terminal Market but I never shopped there all that much (unlike my friend Shakirra who really needs to update her blog) Now we're not that far from Lancaster, which is where the majority of Pennsylvania's Amish live. They do a lot of business here, in fact our home was built by many Amish guys. I figure you can't get much better construction than that, huh? 

Those of you who read my blog regularly know about my obsession with fresh corn and the Amish Man who sells it to me. As I was typing yesterday's post, I decided I should post some links regarding the Amish because we could all learn a little bit more, don't 'cha think? 

Here's a good article about the Amish and photographs. I always heard that they didn't like their pictures taken because it would "steal their soul" or that it was a "graven image". It sounds a little bit deeper than just that. I will say that I know what it feels like to have tourists gawk at you on a regular basis having lived on a fairly popular street for eleven years. I know The Son has to be in numerous Japanese photo albums, the Japanese tourists LOVED to take his picture. (yes, there is a reason for that least in my experience) 

Here's the Wikipedia article regarding the Amish. Yes, I know it's Wikipedia  which isn't always reliable, but I read it and it seems pretty accurate. It's not like I'm asking you to do a report and cite your sources now people. 

Here's an NPR report (love me some NPR!) about rumspringa which translates to "running around" and is a time in an Amish teen's life when they get to experiment with the "English" way of life, I guess to really decide that the Amish life is for them. If you like this short article, you might just want to google rumspringa. There's a lot of interesting info on the 'net about it. 

Lastly, an article about the Lancaster County, PA Amish. There's some good links here too! 

There now, don't you feel so much more educated today? You learn something new every day!